Hagoromo Sardines in Soy Sauce (Iwashi de Kenko)


– Kenko means “health” and the tin touts the EPA and DHA content of these
fish (DHA 2070mg, EPA 1140mg)
– The lettering in green says “easy to eat bite-sized cut” as pictured on the
can. Easy to eat with chopsticks.

100g (3.52 oz) tin

The tin we opened had six pieces.

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Ingredients: Sardine (Sardinops melanostictus),  Sugar, Soy sauce (Soybean, Wheat, Salt, Water), Water, Yeast Extract, Guar gum.

Wafu Iwashi Spaghetti
serves 2
663 cal/serving

Japanese style soy sauce spaghetti with plenty of sardines. Mayonnaise
is the secret ingredient.

1 tin (100g) Iwashi de Kenko Soy Sauce Flavor
200 g spaghetti
6 mini tomatoes
3 spring onions
1 clove garlic
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 Tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp mayonnaise
black pepper to taste

1. Boil the pasta.
2. Cut the tomatoes in half, mince or slice the garlic, and cut the
spring onions into thin rounds – white and green parts.
3. Put the sardines with their sauce into a bowl, then mix in
mayonnaise and pepper.
4.  Saute the garlic in olive oil over medium heat until fragrant;
add tomatoes and the dressed sardines and cook for 1 minute.
5. Add the cooked pasta to the frying pan, turn up to high and stir.
Season with soy sauce.
6. Top with spring onion to serve.

Check out Matthew Carlson enjoying these, Nissui Whole Sardines in Sweet Soy Sauce (Iwashi Ajitsuke), and Nissui Whole Sardines in Miso (Iwashi Miso Ni).


  1. Morgan Hoyt (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this tin! The soy sauce was definitely sweetened so you may find it too sweet if you are unaccustomed to sweets. I found it to be well balanced and not overpowering. The fish were cut into bite sized pieces and were moderately firm. I had no issues with the pieces. I ate the tin heated along with white rice and stir fried vegetables. It was a delight and this will be added to my rotation without hesitation.

  2. CAleb TEnenbaum (verified owner)

    This tin is really fantastic. Its our first Japanese tin, and we were totally impressed. My partner’s first comment was “can we just buy a whole tub of these?” The flavor is perfectly balanced between salty, sweet, and fishy. The RTG suggestion to heat them up a little was spot on, it helped them get to a texture that melted in your mouth while maintaining its structure (my favorite texture!) We ate them with poke bowls – rice, cucumbers, carrots, pickled red onions, green onions, spinach, chipotle kewpie, avocado, sesame seeds. Can’t wait to buy them again!!

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