IASA Spicy Anchovies in Olive Oil, glass jar


Dan’s notes: These are what you might expect, only moreso. Salted prior to being jarred with the olive oil and peppers, these whole anchovies are like normal anchovies taken to the nth degree. Not crazy hot, but a bit of zip, salty, crunchy with not fully softened by the process, this is the anchovy for anchovy lovers who want the things most people dislike about the anchovy fillets found on pizzas.

Anchovies have recently gained popularity due to their high content of essential nutrients. These anchovies are fished in the spring-summer period by the boats of Cetara, and thanks to a traditional encircling technique, are then hoisted into the boat.

The proximity of the factory to the fishing site allows the anchovies to undergo the first stages of processing only a few hours after capture. These anchovies are completely handcrafted in Italy, with respects to the tradition handed down for generations that enhances the quality and taste.

Salted, with hot pepper and extra virgin olive oil, the Sapori di Mare anchovies are unique delicacies to taste.

Net Weight: 7.05 oz (200g), Drained Weight: 4.94 oz (140g)

Pictured on homemade pizza.

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Ingredients: whole anchovies, olive oil, hot pepper, tomatoes, salt


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