Instant Party Pack


Having a bunch of people over for a BYOT event? Here’s the swag to make it a party. We will stuff to the gills a Priority Mail 1095 Box with the fanciest flashiest tinned fish case art. And because it’s a party, we’ll also put in 6 of our Emoji Coasters and 6 pairs of our bamboo chopsticks (if you want more, just say so and we’ll manually adjust the price, it’s casual, but those we pay for). And we’ll toss in some vintage labels, too, what the heck, you’re worth it.

Photo is to explain the concept, actual contents will vary wildly from box to box, 100% our choice, but there’s something you really can’t live without, go ahead and ask, we’ll do what we can.

Shipping the light and large shows the greatest variety in cost as distance grows. Figure about $10 for East Coast, $15 for Midwest, and a little over $20 for West Coast. Don’t even think about shipping outside the US.

Not included in this pack, but available separately and a great addition to any tinned fish party, check out 33 Tins of Fish, A Pocket Tasting Journal from 33 Books.

Also, don’t forget about the Sardines Card Game,  and the Sunny Day Sardines Game,  they’re both more fun with a group,


  1. Eliza Jane Manoff (verified owner)

    I ordered this as part of my first order from this site. I was brought to rainbowtomatoesgarden by r/cannedsardines. I’m so glad I found this place because it’s a wealth of information and there’s so many varieties of tinned fish that I’ve never even heard of. The party pack itself is so much cooler than I was expecting. It’s totally packed with cool cardboard case sections with company logos on them. There’s also some really nice can labels and a bunch of other stuff! Totally worth it! It made me excited to order more kinds of tins.

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