José Gourmet Octopus in Olive Oil with Garlic


Captured in the North East and Eastern and Central Atlantic, our octopus is mixed with two essential ingredients: olive oil and garlic, which give it a special aroma, keeping its original flavour unaltered. With low calories, the octopus is rich in vitamin B12, an active nutrient for brain function and memory performance. Do you remember when you started being so fond of octopus?

Octopuses have three hearts, but this one wanted more! Perhaps because it wanted to hear the heart beating to the sound of its favourite song. So, it swapped some of its legs for some hearts. How many? Just do the maths!


Deep fried and breadcrumbed octopus fillets
Dip 8 octopus tentacles firstly in flour, then in 2 eggs (previously beaten) and finally with breadcrumbs. Deep fry. Serve with mashed potatoes and side salad.


Pan fried octopus with mashed potatoes
Boil 24 small potatoes. In a frying pan, pour 2 dl olive oil from the tins, 8 garlic cloves (smashed with skin), 2 bay leaves, 1 sprig of rosemary, 3 sprigs of thyme and parsley. Place the octopus in the pan, cover and let it simmer until golden brown in colour on both sides.

Illustration Emílio Remelhe
Text Eugénio Roda
Recipes Luís Baena

120g (4 oz) tin

Pictured with pasta, squash, garlic, feta, and scallions.

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Ingredients: Octopus, olive oil, garlic, salt


  1. Peter Kupchick (verified owner)

    This is excellent quality octopus. Tender and well cooked. Ate out of the tin with lemon and black pepper. If the price point was less I’d eat this regularly but alas my budget isn’t there yet.

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