José Gourmet Smoked Salmon in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Lightly smoked Atlantic Salmon in an EVOO good enough to save and re-use for frying your saltines, or making smoky salad dressing.

90g (3.2 oz) tin


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Ingredients: Salmon (Salmo salar)(77.8%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (20.4%), Natural Smoke, and Salt.


  1. An Nguyen (verified owner)

    I’m typically not a huge fan of hot smoked salmon, but this tin really surprised me. The texture of the fish is meaty but unctuous and tender; the smokiness is delicate and highlights the richness of the salmon and olive oil really well without being overwhelming. Who knows if/when I’ll ever run out of new tins to try, but when that happens, this will be the one I reach for again and again.

  2. Peter Kupchick (verified owner)

    Elite smoked salmon. Cut sushi style perfectly which adds to the tenderness. Incredible out of the tin with no additional seasoning but dress it in the typical ways and wow. Had it on some home made rye sourdough with creme fraiche, pickled onions, capers, dill, and tomatoes. Extremely satisfied with this tin.

  3. Irina Liu (verified owner)

    A fantastic tin of smoked salmon that has immediately been added to my rotation of favorites. The fish is so succulent it falls apart in your mouth, and it has a lovely fattiness without being excessively oily. The smokiness is prominent but not overpowering in any way. I tried this in several combinations – alone, on crunchy sourdough, on crackers, on a potato chip, with goat cheese, with creme fraiche, etc. and was not disappointed a single time. The oil also tastes great, and I saved it to add to pasta.

  4. jslaton009 (verified owner)

    I love smoked salmon, but generally don’t get it of the tinned variety. Big mistake. Delicious, buttery, flakey, salmon that is delicious strait out of the can. I had mine with plain crackers and added a few capers and a spritz of lemon. Absolutely delicious the way the fatty fish and acids combines and played well together. Definitely something I will be ordering again.

  5. Sandra Dixon (verified owner)

    The cut is so unique for a tinned fish. With its beautiful smokey flavor and fall apart buttery texture, I’m a fan and for this price I’d definitely get it again.

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