King Oscar Cod Liver


One of the most underappreciated tinned seafoods out there, cod liver is the foie gras of the fish world, and the oil that naturally expresses from the cod liver is loaded with healthy goodness.

190g tin

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Ingredients: Cod Liver (98%), salt, black pepper, bay leaf flavor.


  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    I have to admit I was a little bit intimidated when I first opened this tin. I’ve tried an array of tinned fish and this seemed like the most adventurous tin I’d encountered. Once I got the tin open I was a bit less intimidated. Though it doesn’t paint a pretty picture, I’d say my first thought was that it looked like a cross between a can of tuna fish and a can of cat food.

    The aroma was definitely a touch fishy, I’m not sure if it makes sense but I’d describe it as a very clean fishy aroma – not lingering, not offensive, but definitely there… and maybe a bit of cat food undertone.

    When trying a new tin I always like to sample it straight from the tin, or at most, on a basic cracker or piece of bread/toast. Keeping with tradition, and quickly before I could overthink it, I fished a piece out and popped it in my mouth… rich, creamy, oily, clean, soft… good.

    This cod liver wants an accompaniment – something to add a bit more variety to the texture and something to cut the richness. A crispy cracker and pickled onions were a winning combination for me, as they often are. I think each bite got better than the last – maybe this is something that the body wants but that message doesn’t get to the brain until it starts getting some.

    This isn’t a tin that I’d want to crack open on a daily basis, but it feels right to keep a tin or two on hand.

  2. Tiffany Luke (verified owner)

    I love this cod liver so much. It was so creamy and very rich; reminded me of an oceany pate. I paired mine with some bread and cornichon pickles as recommended and this combination for me was so addicting. I almost wanted to eat the whole can by myself but I sadly had to share it with all of my friends and my husband. I will definitely be ordering more of this!

  3. Matt Lowe (verified owner)

    This is for the adventurous. Definitely pair with super bold flavors: mustard, pickles, sauerkraut, etc. Super rich. Forward, yet nuanced.

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