King Oscar Kipper Snacks


There are three types of smoked herring: “buckling” is hot-smoked whole; “bloaters” are cold-smoked whole; “kippers” are split and gutted, and then cold-smoked. Cold-smoked fish that have not been salted for preservation must be cooked before being eaten safely (they can be boiled, fried, grilled, jugged or roasted, for instance). “Kipper snacks”, like these, are precooked fillets and may be eaten without further preparation.

Kippers and eggs is a delicious breakfast. Kippers and beer go together like rock and roll. King Oscar kippered herring snacks may be one of the most widely consumed non-tuna tinned fish products of all time.

100g tin

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Ingredients: Naturally smoked herring fillets (Clupea harengus), water, salt, sodium phosphate.

Kosher OU/GK

Product of Germany

Check out Matthew Carlson opening these Kipper Snacks.


  1. Pat Hachey (verified owner)

    I will say I was hesitant about this one. They’re not the most visually appealing filets, but they are clearly filets nonetheless. They’re also swimming in water instead of olive oil which means more fish flavor and less adjunct flavor. I should’ve known better than to doubt the King. These sizeable filets are lightly smoky and salty albeit a tad dry. I’m having them for lunch and oddly enough I like smoked fish washed down with a bitter coffee. Dan is right, though. I could crush a can with any kind of lager or smoky porter. They’re decent on their own but could use some punching up. Definitely would make a good staple snack.

  2. William Kennedy (verified owner)

    I so wanted to be a “tin fish snob” but after trying a can and being woefully depressed that there were no more after finishing the can, there will always be several tins of these KO Kipper Snacks in my pantry. When I opened the can I didn’t find the contents all that visually appealing. The Kippers were swimming in a milky “broth” that didn’t appear particularly appetizing but after the first and 2nd tentative bites I was “hooked” (sorry for that- wait, no I’m not!) Just the right amount of smokiness without tasting like a Texas brisket. (Which is not a bad thing.) The salt level seemed about right too. I thought they could have been a little firmer but with the level of water it is probably not possible to maintain righteous firmness over time. Tasty, very tasty , though – and a bargain at current prices.

  3. kholthaus1 (verified owner)

    I don’t know why I didn’t try these before, I am in love with these. The two filets were firm and the smoke was just right. I could have eaten both cans I bought in one sitting. Maybe I’ll be brave and try the other can with scrambled eggs. I encourage anyone who hasn’t tried these Kipper Snacks to do so.

  4. Aran Kadar (verified owner)

    At this price, definitely worth having in the rotation. Fine but dry alone, these benefit from pairing with some form of fat– best with eggs, would also be good with a bit of mayo or vinaigrette.

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