King Oscar Kipper Snacks


There are three types of smoked herring: “buckling” is hot-smoked whole; “bloaters” are cold-smoked whole; “kippers” are split and gutted, and then cold-smoked. Cold-smoked fish that have not been salted for preservation must be cooked before being eaten safely (they can be boiled, fried, grilled, jugged or roasted, for instance). “Kipper snacks”, like these, are precooked fillets and may be eaten without further preparation.

Kippers and eggs is a delicious breakfast. Kippers and beer go together like rock and roll. King Oscar kippered herring snacks may be one of the most widely consumed non-tuna tinned fish products of all time.

100g tin

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Ingredients: Naturally smoked herring fillets (Clupea harengus), water, salt, sodium phosphate.

Product of Germany


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