King Oscar Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil with Lemon


Lemon and fish, need I say more? OK, I will. Nothing cuts through the oil in the same way as citrus, it’s one of the world’s most firmly fixed pairings for a reason: lemon makes seafood taste better.

115g tin

Pictured on tabbouleh with cucumbers and tomatoes.

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Ingredients: Skinless and boneless North Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus), olive oil, spirit vinegar, water, salt, concentrated lemon juice, natural lemon flavoring.

Kosher OU


  1. twa101 (verified owner)

    Like the other King Oscar mackerels, it doesn’t look very nice, but it had a nice light lemon scent and a good, medium texture and the milder taste that I’ve come to expect from mackerel. The lemon flavor came through well but was not as acidic as I was expecting. The lemon flavored oil mixture would work in making a vinaigrette for a salad or even to help sauté some diced vegetables. It would probably make a good mackerel salad for a sandwich if you mashed it up with some diced celery, onions, cracked pepper and some fresh parsley and dill.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Better moisture & flavor than most other mackerel tins. If you’ve tried mackerel before and been disappointed (primarily on moisture/texture), you owe it to yourself to try King Oscar mackerel – it’s much better than what you’d expect at this price point. Texturally, this tin is what I always *want* a regular can of tuna to be but it never is … flavor is mild, flake is solid, and more importantly this fish is *not* dry sawdust. The KO mackerel moisture (and in general, honestly) is miles ahead of other mackerel I’ve tried.

    Lemon presence here is noticeable but not over the top. I always want a TON of lemon and while this isn’t a ton, it’s enough to give the thumbs up. Lacks a little salt but overall, it’s a very solid tin that definitely ranks as above average for mackerel. While my personal preference is the KO Mediterranean mackerel over this one, I will happily get this again especially at this price.

  3. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    Hream McDan said it best, King Oscar has “better moisture & flavor than most other mackerel tins”, in my opinion. I’m a KO mack babe through & through but this my least favorite of their tins. The lemon here is strongly flavored of rind oils & pretty strong. Not acidic in the slightest. Fish itself is excellent as usual.

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