King Oscar Mackerel Fillets Mediterranean Style


If you spend any time in any of the online groups where tinned fish lovers gather in any kind of numbers a few fan favorites become obvious, and this is definitely one of them. People who try this love it. We did and do, too.

It’s perhaps a tad stronger flavored in the fishy sense than other mackerels, and it’s not packed to be the centerpiece of your seacuterie board, but the quality of the meat and the flavor of the additional ingredients makes this an excellent tin to stock up on.

115g tin

Pictured on crostini with chive cream cheese, red onion, and scallions.

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Ingredients: Skinless and boneless North Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus), olive oil, sliced green and black olives, extra virgin olive oil, red bell pepper, herbs de Provence (spices), salt, garlic.

Product of Poland


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