King Oscar Royal Selection Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Sliced Spanish Manzanilla Olives


8-22 sprats (brisling sardines) hand-packed with Spanish olive oil and sliced manzanilla olives. We’re big fans of sprats and of packing tinned fish with natural flavoring agents chosen with care. At the low end of tinned fish you’ll find manufacturers attempting to mask the poor quality of their fish with industrial tomato paste and mustard. These take the opposite approach. By starting with high quality tiny, succulent sprats and augmenting them with top-notch additional ingredients the effect is not to drown out but to lift up and enhance. We love these as a snack with crackers, or as a quick salad topper that turns a plate of mixed greens from pretty good to wow.

While not huge fans of plastic, overall, we have to admit that the plastic lids are a big improvement on the experience. Their easy removal means no spillage of olive oil, which with many metal-lidded products is practically impossible to avoid.

3.75 oz tin

Pictured on tabbouleh with cucumbers and tomatoes.

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Ingredients: Lightly smoked brisling sardines (aka sprats, Sprattus sprattus), extra virgin olive oil, green olives, salt.

Product of Poland


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