King Oscar Sardines (Sprats) Mediterranean Style


We call these a “fan favorite” because people who really love sardines, people who stock up on them, people who buy them by the case, people who eat a lot of sardines of all kinds, love this product. It’s a great combination executed expertly. With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herbes de Provence, Red Bell Pepper, Black Olives and Garlic

One layer, 8-12 fish

106g tin

Pictured on crostini with chive cream cheese and beet pickled red onion.

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Ingredients: Lightly smoked brisling sardines (Sprattus sprattus), extra virgin olive oil, black olives, red bell pepper, herbes de Provence (spices), salt, garlic.

Kosher OU

Product of Poland


  1. jfeyes (verified owner)

    I probably shouldn’t get so excited over a tin of KO’s but these were fantastic!

  2. Joe Warren (verified owner)

    These look fun! Deep rich oil and a myriad of spices and olives await. Any time I’ve had tins with add-ons they are usually at the bottom, here they were at the top! The aroma was quite pungent, a culmination of the fish and olives and surprisingly stronger than expected.

    Moderate firmness, not too firm and also thankfully mush. Clearly have soaked up the spiced bath and it altered the flavor profile for the better! The internal consistency is shrouded by the marinade and the bones are non-detectable. These would be an ideal first time tin for the newbie. Great straight, but I could see these adding a nice twist to anything they sit atop.

    Spice up your deen lineup with these! At this price point, grab a few!

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    The best of the King Oscar sardines, by far. These were my favorite a long, long time ago but since then, KO and I have grown apart … I’d moved on and explored fancy, expensive frontiers of tinned fish. I thought maybe I only really liked their mackerel at this point, but honestly? HONESTLY? These are still very good. I was shocked that the texture was as good as it was – they’re soft but not at all mushy. Moisture is great and so is the seasoning. More olives and herbs at the bottom than I’d remembered as well! For this price, this is a really really solid tin that is worth mixing into your lineup.

    If you love the KO Mediterranean *mackerel* then you really owe it to yourself to see if you like these sardines. A surprise win for KO, worth buying at this price even if you’ve gotten into much much fancier tins than this.

  4. Benjamin Raber (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Just awesome. By Special Royal Permission Indeed. Salute to you, King Oscar.

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