King Oscar Yellowfin Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Jalapeño Peppers, Glass Jar


A lot of R&D went into this product, from the recipe development to the creation of their unique easy-pour, “whole release” glass jars. One of the biggest frustrations people experience with jarred tuna products is how challenging it can be to get the loin cuts out of the jar intact and in a presentable fashion. These King Oscar jars and recipe formulations solve the problem in a way that we found impressive. Open the lid, drain off (and save for later use, if you’re not sure how to reuse, ask us for suggestions) most of the oil, and turn the contents out onto a plate. Et Voila! It just works and presents itself beautifully.

This is the one with Jalapeño peppers. There are three other styles to try, as well: sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, or Herbes de Provence.

6.7 oz jar

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Ingredients: Yellowfin tuna fillets, extra virgin olive oil, sliced green jalapeño peppers, sugar, salt.


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