Les Mouettes d’Arvor Thon à la Catalane Bio (Skipjack Tuna in Organic Catalan Sauce)


We came to this product by a circuitous route. First we fell in love with the Mackerel in Catalan sauce from this company. We weren’t so sure about tuna. But then we got a sample of their Thon Blanc, and loved that so much we added it immediately. Then a few months passed and we thought, hey, maybe we should revisit that Tuna in Catalan sauce, we seem to be wrong a lot about the things we imagine before we taste them. Now, to be fair, this is a different species of tuna, this is skipjack, the Thon Blanc is albacore, but you know what? Most days we tend to prefer skipjack, and it’s probably closer in texture to mackerel than albacore anyway. Well, we tried it and, loved it. Great product. Turns leftover rice into a treat, and it makes a darned good pasta dish.

160g (5.3 oz) tin

Pictured with everything bread grilled in tin oil.

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Ingredients: Catalan sauce 37% (water, sunflower oil*, tomato puree* 8.6%, sugar*, salt, white wine* and alcohol vinegar*, white wine* (sulfites), pepper*), vegetables 31% ( carrot*, peppers*, leek*), tuna 31%.


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