(discontinued, in stock) Mama Africa Pili-Pili Sauce


Cathy Tshilombo-Lokemba, affectionately known as “Mama Africa,” produces intensely spicy, yet disarmingly tasty pili pili sauce. A refugee, former clothing designer, and restaurateur, “Mama Africa” creates the best authentic African hot sauce we’ve tried. Utah based and beloved by local folks, her family recipe is as hot as they come.

Cathy studied interior design in Belgium before coming to Utah. There, as the only African female in her school, she developed confidence to share her culture first through design and fashion, and later through food. She was one of the first designers to explore African culture in Belgium, and she carried that spirit of pride and creativity with her when she moved to the States.

Net Weight: 5 oz

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Ingredients: Chili Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Vegetable oil, Water, Salt, Vinegar


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