Mary Manette Smoked PEI Wild Oysters


Where the Ekone smoked oysters are quite large, these PEI smoked oysters are very small. There are benefits to both. We tasted these as shown, spread on a plate and one at a time with toothpicks. Cocktail oysters, if you will. They’re packed without oil of any kind, and we found them to be not just delicious but all elements in perfect balance, that recipe ideal where in order to really describe the flavor you find you need to take another bite, then another, then another. We did find a few shell fragments, so if you’re tempted to add a whole tin at the very last moments of making a plate of fried rice, go through them carefully first so you don’t get a sharp surprise. We think a plate of these would steal the show in just about any seacuterie spread.

2.4 oz (70g) tin

Pictured on saltine crackers with cream cheese and chives.

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Ingredients: oysters (Crassostrea virginica), oyster juice, sea salt, golden sugar, hardwood smoke natural flavor. Packed without oil.

Product of Canada.


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