Matiz Mussels in Olive Oil & Vinegar (en Escabeche)


Enjoy fresh from the tin, sauteed with onions, or serve with pasta sauce and bread. Also great if you add the liquid to whipped potatoes and serve the mussels atop, allowing the potatoes to warm the mussels through.

111g tin

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Ingredients: mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis), organic extra virgin olive oil (25%), organic cider vinegar (11%), sea salt & organic spices (sweet paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic)(0.5%).

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —

A simple method for emulsifying escabeche to make a sauce for serving.

We also sell the frother used in these videos.


  1. Jim R (verified owner)

    My first foray into the world of mussels was a delight with this tin. Inside were about 10 little fellows in a lovely, slightly amber, seasoned oil. The mouthfeel on these is very tender and luxurious. About 90 percent of the mussel is so tender that it just almost dissolves with little chewing. The remaining 10 percent is a bit of a rubbery, moderate gristle which you can either swallow or spit out as you prefer, but it isn’t difficult to swallow. Just goes with the territory that there is some membrane like that. The mussel overall flavor is clean tasting with no or very little fishy taste. What makes them soar is the spice blend added to the oil: cider vinegar, paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, and garlic. It’s warm and inviting and dazzles the taste buds in a slightly exotic way. (I actually used the leftover oil to spice up that evening’s supper, which was a leftover piece of rather boring tilapia. The oil from these mussels was great over the top of it to make it more exciting.) The sad part about these mussels is that they disappear very fast, faster than fish, so the experience is over far too quickly. At the price point they are, they will be more of an occasional treat for me than an everyday lunch item, but I enjoyed them immensely.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Honestly great, like reaaally great. The escabeche has deep & rich flavors, extremely tangy, and is one of the very few that I’m not immediately tempted to add salt to. The mussels are very high quality with almost no chewy bits. I love these directly from the tin at room temp, and I love them on mini-toasts (the best way to have mussels in escabeche in my opinion). I might not love Matiz sardines anymore, but wow, I really do love these mussels.

    Out of all of the mussels in escabeche I’ve tried, these are in the top 3 alongside Ramón Peña and Ortiz Ria de Arosa. They’re really that good. I’d rather have these than a similar tin from Espinaler, Ati Manel and those are still really nice tins. I wish this was a little cheaper but hey, when you taste this good, it’s probably going to be reflected in the price. 100% recommend this tin.

  3. rmm59 (verified owner)

    This tin was a delight! My first try at mussels in escabeche and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The tanginess of the vinegar offered a unique flavor profile, really complementing the sweetness of the mussels. Great texture as well. Enjoyed this tin with a salad but I imagine they’d be delicious over toast or crackers. I’d still prefer a Fangst mussel over this one, but this tin will definitely make an occasional feature in our kitchen.


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