Mini Chuncho Cuzco 70%, by Cacaosuyo


Silver Medal Winner in the “Plain/origin dark chocolate bars” category at the International Chocolate Awards in 2019.

Tasting Notes by Jenny & Helen: “A toasted berry that pops and finishes with a smooth fruiting.”

Grown deep in the jungle, Chuncho beans are some of the finest Peruvian cacao boasting an initial fresh fruit blast with a lingering herbal finish.

This cacao gets its name from the jungle zone in which it grows deep within, Chunchada. Made with only cacao and sugar, the true taste of this rare cacao is apparent.

TASTING: coarse texture, fresh fruit, herbal, lightly sweet
PAIRING: barrel aged spirits e.g. whiskey or rum, fortified wines, e.g. sherry or vermouth, dessert wines e.g. madeira or port
CACAO ORIGIN: Peru, Cuzco, Peru

INGREDIENTS: organic cacao mass, organic sugar

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Also available in a 70g bar, please inquire.


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