Moulin Green Peppercorns in Brine


Simple is so often the best. And sometimes a simple preparation makes for a magical transformation. These are something very simple, green peppercorns in water and salt. I have been a big green peppercorn fan since my omnivorous days when I became a passionate devotee of steak au poivre, and the version that my good friend Joseph created which was made using only green peppercorns. Yes, these are unripe black peppercorns, but as with many foods (papaya, tomatoes, coriander seeds) you are not getting something lesser when you choose the unripe version, you are getting something very different. The flavor of green peppercorn is to me brighter, hotter in a more open and generous way. Brined, green peppercorns become a different ingredient. They no longer crack under the flat of a blade, alas, but the trade off is they can be mashed into a paste. Heated, they release even more flavor. This is one of those ingredients that you wonder how you ever did without, because the uses are myriad. Our friend Evan likes to use them anywhere you might use capers, which is very good advice. As long as you don’t for even a millisecond think these are anything even remotely like capers. They are not.

Use them whole, chopped, mashed, but definitely use them.

175g (6.17 oz) tin

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Ingredients: green peppercorns, water, salt.


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