Nuri Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil


A really great tin of mackerel fillets, hand-packed in Portugal entirely by hand, without the use of machines. Also available in a spiced version.

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125g (4.4oz) tin

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Ingredients: Mackerel, olive oil, salt


  1. twa101 (verified owner)

    Peeled the lid to find four and a half slender fillets that held their shape as well. They also struck a good balance between looks and juicy, yet toothsome texture. If I had one criticism it would be that they are a bit light on the salt, but that is an easy fix. Overall, this is a delicious can of mackerel that would be good to use in a fancy, composed salad or to just chow down straight from the tin.

    Two other thoughts on Nuri mackerel fillets. It’s been my experience that most canned mackerel fillets fall into two categories. 1) beautiful fillets that hold together well but are dry. 2) messy looking fillets that fall apart but are buttery and succulent. These Nuris seem to hit a very good balance between good looking fillets that hold together but still have a good bit of moisture.

  2. aniriuil (verified owner)

    This tin was my first time trying mackerel and they were lovely! The filets (we had four pieces, packed tightly in the tin) had a firm, meaty texture and a mild flavor. They were dense but not dry. Given the milder flavor, these still paired well with cheeses and dill pickles without becoming too salty.

    Will definitely be trying more mackerel in the future, and I suspect that I will be returning to these filets from Nuri!

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