Nuri Spiced Sardine Pâté


You will notice a paucity of pâté here, and we are unapologetic for the reason: we don’t like most of them, and we don’t carry any products that we don’t like.

We like this one. A lot. Maybe too much. It’s addictive. Put it on a cracker, if you need to slow down.

65g (2.29 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, tomato pulp, carrot, chickpeas, chilli, salt, cloves and laurel (bay leaf).


  1. Bmore Tinned (verified owner)

    This is the tin that motivated me to finally leave a review – immediately after eating it on a thick slice of toasted sourdough. It’s that good. And this is not my first fish rodeo. Perfectly spiced and spicy. Very smooth. Surprisingly approachable and balanced sardine flavor. This would absolutely kill on some sort of fishy charcuterie board next to a pile of crackers and gherkins. Some might be wary. It’s pâté after-all and 100% looks like cat food (shout out to my cat Pepperjack, I love you bud). But people are going to be coming up to you after and quietly asking what the magical mush was. If you run out of crackers, the next day during clean up I imagine you’d notice finger streaks where there was once Nuri.

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    Nuri spiced sardines are super delicious. I’ve never found myself thinking that they could be improved, nor have I wanted them to. When something can’t get better, can it just get different, and still be great? This Nuri spiced sardine pâté is here to say yes, yes it can.
    Put this on a seacuterie board and it will be a hit. Or, crack it open for lunch with a piece of sourdough bread and a couple crackers, like I did, and your day just got better.

  3. Tabitha Gault (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this pate with crusty bread and tomatoes. I will definitely be repurchasing this tin over and over. As another reviewer mentioned above this is great for a tinned fish board — a perfectly seasoned pate that will pair well with nearly anything. I can’t recommend this enough.

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