Nuri Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil 3/5

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When you hear people talk about how you need to try Portuguese sardines, chances are these are the ones they mean. Often referred to as a “cult classic” brand, Nuri’s recent showing at the rankings (this style was ranked #23 overall) is proof that their devoted followers are right.

“Not with machines, hands.”

120g (4.3 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus), 100% Refined Olive Oil, Cucumber, Piri-piri, Carrot, Laurel, Clove, Black Pepper

3 reviews for Nuri Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil 3/5

  1. Arielle McManus (verified owner)

    So yummy! A great everyday sardine. I ate mine over toast with a fried egg, and it was delicious. Not too fishy, not too spicy. Perfect.

  2. jfeyes (verified owner)

    Certainly one of my top tin of deenz! My first Nuri experience and hopefully of many more !!!!!!

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    You don’t need to know Nuri’s history, how they are still made in a family-like setting in a traditional manner, and that they’re ranked well as a top tin in the world, to know that you just had a special tin of fish when you finish your last bite of these delicious and perfectly spiced sardines.
    This is the tin that convinced me to start trying tins of seasoned fish, having previously focused on simple oil and salt varieties, with the idea that I could always do better in adding my own seasoning and condiments than what anyone could put in a tin. It turns out that Nuri could do it far better than I ever could. Great texture, great flavor, consistent quality – you can’t ask for more, but you get it in the history and tradition that comes in every tin.
    Nuri spiced sardines can serve as both a special occasion treat and as daily driver tin. If you buy a tin of these, the only regret you may have is that you didn’t buy more than one.

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