Nuri Spiced Small Whole Mackerel in Olive Oil


These are small whole mackerels, not mackerel fillets. For when you start thinking to yourself, “Maybe it’s time to explore the world of tinned seafood beyond sardines.” these are a great transition into other fishes. You love Nuri, right? You’ll love Nuri mackerel, too.

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125g tin

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Ingredients: Mackerel, olive oil, cucumber, chili, carrot, salt, cloves, black pepper, laurel.

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  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    If you see “Nuri” and “Spiced” you’re going to have a good time. Many folks who know the Nuri brand know that their spiced sardines are a great reference for comparison for spiced offerings from other brands, as well as for quality sardines in general. With such notoriety for their spiced sardine offerings, I don’t think Nuri gets recognized as much for their great mackerel tins.

    The spiced mackerel tin that I recently opened had three beautiful looking small whole mackerels. In general I think that Nuri sardines tend to look like they’ve been through a bit of a scuffle – this didn’t appear to be the case with the mackerel. They looked in good shape and easily lifted out of the tin without any breakage.

    The oil in the tin looked a deep orange, and in taking a small sample of it, provided a bit more of a heat kick when compared to the last spiced sardine tin I’d opened. At first bite the mackerel didn’t represent the same level of heat as the oil in the tin, but the heat level seemed just right for the relatively mild flavor of this particular mackerel. Some mackerel can be very flavorful and strong, while this was not so much, and I’d say I like it both ways. The texture of these small whole mackerels is nice – a bit more firm that many sardines, though it flakes and breaks up well if you like to do so.

    I think this tin would do well in an array of recipes, but I enjoyed it simply with a piece of sourdough toast and a bit of pickled and fermented veg on the side. If you like Nuri spiced sardines and haven’t tried this mackerel, or, if you love mackerel and haven’t tried this one, you have to give it a try. If you’ve tried mackerel and found it to be a strong flavor for you, this one may work out given the combination of slight heat and mildness of the small fish.

  2. Odinn O Oskarsson (verified owner)

    I really like mackerel and I really like Nuri, this tin was the best of both, extremely firm flesh on this one, nice spice level, not too much but just enough, I ate them straight from the tin (as I do with most mackerel) I really liked that it was whole small fish, this is my first experience with that, I like filets, don’t get me wrong, but the whole fish are much easier to eat.
    This was an outstanding tin, I really enjoyed it.

  3. Matt Garlick (verified owner)

    These were absolutely delicious. Much firmer than I was expecting them to be, but had great texture. Definitely similar to chicken but very much it’s own fishy thing. Nuri spiced anything is fantastic and these are no exception! I could definitely see myself reaching for these over the standard Nuri spiced sardines.

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