Ocean’s Smoked Mackerel with Juniper and Coriander


Smoked for hours over beechwood chips, then packed in oil with flavorings, in this case juniper and coriander, these mackerel fillets make a great snack, added protein in a wrap, or salad topper.

3.88 oz (110g) tin


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Ingredients: Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets (Scomber scombrus), Salt, Sunflower Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Coriander Seed Oil.

Product of Scotland.


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Ideal smoke, texture, moisture. Great flake with a slightly-slightly firmer exterior due to the smoking process. I don’t really know what juniper tastes like on its own, but the depth of flavor in this tin is simply fantastic. Doesn’t take the flavor too far in any one direction, very balanced. The only downside of this tin is that there’s so much oil that you can easily spill it all over the place upon opening … don’t ask me how I know. Just drain the oil off immediately and you’ll be fine.

    Thumbs up. This tin could honestly be the best version of hot-smoked mackerel that exists on the planet (especially with price taken into consideration). If you like any smoked fish AT ALL, especially smoked salmon, you have to try this. It’s brilliant and it’s excellent directly from the tin with no additional items needed … but also could easily be the star of any preparation that involves smoked fish. If you put this on a bagel with a little cream cheese?!? Would be unbelievable. Highly, highly recommended.

  2. UncleOscar (verified owner)

    Nice, firm, skin-on fillets of mackerel. Good smoke flavor. Coriander and juniper were prominent, but not overpowering. There were no whole spices in the tin; the flavoring comes from coriander and juniper oil.

    Overall, this was an excellent tin of fish. I look forward to trying the other offerings from this brand as well.

  3. Matt (verified owner)

    Flavor is awesome here, texture I found a little different (funny?) but not bad. Probably because the skin was on during smoking, which again isn’t bad, just different than I’m used to. Great smoke flavor and could definitely get the coriander. Overall, it was good, but I’d pick kippered herring over this tin next time.

  4. jslaton009 (verified owner)

    Excellent flavored tin, right up there with one of my favorites, the Fangst chamomile and heather.

    I ate these plain with a seeded cracker. Texture is on point, nice firm chew that was slightly reduced due to being smoked I assume. Flavors are out of the world, perfectly balanced and really a nice combination. Reminded me of sitting at the christmas dinner table.

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