Ocean’s Smoked Peppered Mackerel


Smoked for hours over beechwood chips, then packed in oil with flavorings, in this case cracked black pepper, these mackerel fillets make a great snack, added protein in a wrap, or salad topper.

3.88 oz (110g) tin


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Ingredients: Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets (Scomber scombrus), Cracked Black Pepper, Salt, Sunflower Oil.

Product of Scotland.


  1. Odinn O Oskarsson (verified owner)

    For a reasonably inexpensive tin this one packs a lot. The oil is smokey the fish is firm and peppery, this tin had one large and one small filet. I poured the oil on a peice of crusty bread and then topped it with the filets, man was it good, I could have eaten 3 more tins it was so good. I will absolutely buy this again, it’s going into the regular rotation. If you like Mackerel you will love this.

  2. deenzandgreenz (verified owner)

    This one is a must try! The flavor is not overly fishy at all. It is smoky, peppery, salty, and just a tad sweet. Perfectly moist. I couldn’t stop myself from eating this straight from the tin, but I think an arugula based salad would pair wonderfully, with the oil as dressing of course!

  3. Matt (verified owner)

    This is an awesome tin. Peppery and flavorful. Super good on some crusty toast, but agree with other reviewers, would be great on a salad or you could see it holding up really great in a simple pasta with the oil.

  4. Riley Mitchell (verified owner)

    Okay, the short of my review is just buy it.

    Upon opening the can, there were two pretty large filets, covered in pepper. The flesh is firm, with a slight chew, excellent smoke flavor, you can tell they were actually smoked.

    These would be excellent over some rice, with the oil and all. Even if it’s just sunflower oil, it doesn’t detract from it. This was my second can from Ocean’s and I know I’ll continue buying their products.

  5. Curiouscutefish (verified owner)

    This tin is great! I ate it over a salad and it was tasty. The artwork on the box is cute and the tin was easy to open. Inside was two nice fillets, they seemed fairly equal size and they were easy to get out of the tin. One side is generously peppered and one side has the skin. As I’m currently uncomfortable eating the skin, I peeled it off with a fork and it was easily removed in one piece.

    The fish itself is firm but not uncomfortably chewy and the pepper flavor was apparent. My first, plain taste felt a teeny tiny bit fishy but it wore off as I continued to eat it. I didn’t pour the oil over my salad so I can’t speak about that but the fish was delicious. I could see this being enjoyable a variety of different ways and even with the slight fishiness of the first bite, I’d even eat it plain or with some crackers. The price is right as well, so I’ll definitely be ordering this one again.

  6. Jeff (verified owner)

    The fish in this tin is phenomenal. I think if presented on a plate with no tin in sight you probably wouldn’t guess that it came from a tin. The filets in my tin were substantial – thick, meaty, and well seasoned. After finishing the filets I felt like I had a hearty meal, not unlike feeling like I’d finished a nice steak. The next time I try this tin I think I’ll try it in a sandwich with a nice thick slice of tomato and lettuce, and at this value price, I’ll surely keep at least a few tins around.

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