Ochazuke Kit


Ochazuke is not a recipe, it’s a remedy.

While there are fancy restaurants that serve upscale versions, no one forgets that at its heart, ochazuke is comfort food, hangover food, something you knock together using what you have at hand, improvising where necessary, while never straying too too far from the core, from the defining characteristics: warm broth (green tea or dashi) poured over room temperature rice with toppings.

In a typical Japanese home there would almost always be leftover rice (or rice that has been in the rice cooker all day/evening), and the tea would likely be what’s left in the pot. Garnishes are in every kitchen galore, and the protein would be whatever fish was on hand, because there’s always fish on hand of some kind or another: raw, cooked, or canned.

We have family in Japan and we consulted with them to bring this experience to those unfamiliar with it. Outside of Japan we don’t all have an array of seaweed products for garnish, we don’t have a “standard” rice, or a reasonable sencha. But we most definitely do have tinned fish at hand, don’t we?

Kit contains a 4.4 lb bag of Koshihikari (this is a type rice, not a brand) short grain rice, a box of 16 sencha tea bags, and a jar of your choice of Barnacle Foods kelp product for garnish. (Pow is small flakes, Pinch is medium flakes, Furikake has sesame seed and bonito, Everything has garlic, onion, sesame, and poppy, Popcorn has nutritional yeast (adds a cheesy note). If you have option overload, start with the Furikake.

You supply the tins of fish.



Ochazuke Kit comes with assembly instructions.

Additional information

Barnacle Kelp Product

Pinch, Pow, Furikake, Everything, Popcorn


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