Officer Smoked Cod Liver


An amazing product, rich beyond compare, and packed with only a mere hint of salt and the oil that naturally expresses from the liver. Exquisite, and impossible to believe it comes from a tin. Very faintly smoked.

120 g (4 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Smoked wild cod liver in own oil 99%, salt.


  1. GK (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever had foie gras before then you’ll be very familiar with the texture of this cod liver. Unlike duck liver, this is isn’t gamey, or fishy at all! If you’ve had ankimo at a Japanese restaurant, this is closest to that. This one is slightly smokey in flavor with just enough salt to bring out the rich, creamy taste. I enjoyed this on toasted bread, topped with raw red onions and a bit of cilantro. Next time, I’ll try this on some salt and vinegar potato chips.

  2. randymatteson427 (verified owner)

    This was my first time ever having cod liver. My son (22yrs) was home and he wanted to try it as well. We sampled on saltine, as well as thin sliced baguette. We both enjoyed our first taste, the second tastes were even better. My favorite was on the soft bread as it absorbed some of the cod oil. I also topped one with a nice mustard, as the RTG packing note suggested. My son liked the texture combo on the saltines. He also noted the smoked flavor was slight and not too strong. We are both fans, and want more to have on hand. This was very satisfying and filling even though we shared it. So good! 5/5

  3. luke (verified owner)

    My new favorite cod liver.
    LUSCIOUS. great with some finely chopped pickles, bread, And a little red wine vinegar

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