Olasagasti Lomo de atún con pisto mediterráneo (Tuna Fillet with Mediterranean Ratatouille (Pisto))


Designed to be heated and served with rice, noodles, or pasta, this is a classic Pisto, which has unfortunately been translated at Mediterranean Ratatouille, which, okay, I guess it sort of is, but Pisto is its own thing and I’d rather explain what it is than compare it to something I think you already know. Many cultures have a stewed vegetable dish that is like Pisto and Ratatouille and Shakshuka, and there’s a reason: all the ingredients are being harvested at the same time, no matter where you live. Ratatouille has Herbes de Provence, Pisto does not.  Pisto can include courgette/zucchini, but typically doesn’t, where Ratatouille almost always does.

Pisto is often served with eggs (like Shakshuka) and garnished with manchego cheese. This particular recipe includes eggplant, onion, tomato, capers, black olives, and balsamic vinegar.

The container is not suitable for the microwave. We suggest emptying the contents into a microwave safe dish and heating on medium for 1-2 minutes, or  several minutes in a bain marie, or a as we most often do it, in a carefully watched and slowly stirred sauce pan.

200g (7 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Ingredients: Tuna (Thunnus obesus) (30%), aubergine/eggplant, tomato, onion, olive oil, sunflower oil, black olives, Modena (balsamic) vinegar, capers, sugar, white wine, salt.


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