Olde Virden’s Tennessee Jerk, Fine Grind


Tennessee Jerk features Caribbean and African peppers that will bring the heat and a bit of Jamaican flavor to any dish. Add it to your favorite rub or spice up your favorite dish. You’ll be sweatin’ in no time. This stuff is hot.

A sodium-free blend of African Fatalii, Scotch Bonnets, Jamaican Gold, Barbados Chili, and Red Habanero

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We brought this one in at the recommendation of Olde Virden’s. It’s a good story. We do a lot of things with the Red Hot Sprinkle and the Spicy Verde here. I tried doing this years ago, when I first started dry roasting my own peanuts, but I was using the regular grind, which didn’t adhere properly to the peanuts. When we added Olde Virden’s products to the store here, we added the fine grind, too. And after trying that out on a batch of peanuts, I was excited enough about how well it worked that I sent some to Olde Virden’s, just to show them what was going on with their products out in the world. Turns out they love them, and one person is even reported to be “addicted” to them. In that exchange of emails I mentioned that we are very small batch here, and that we could also do Spicy Verde if anyone wanted it. And that’s when they suggested the Tennessee Jerk. I misunderstood exactly what it was. I thought it was going to be a blend of things other than peppers, that it would be a jerk seasoning, which I didn’t think necessarily fit in here. I was wrong. This is just a wicked hot blend of peppers dedicated to serving the desires of people who self-describe as Hot Heads.


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