Organic Black Garlic, Whole Bulbs


Organic, Natural, Vegan, Preservative-free. Kosher Certified Black Garlic

Package contains 2 bulbs.

We start with the finest organic North American Garlic. The garlic is fermented at high temperatures and finely aged to develop the sweetest notes possible. The resulting product has exceptional sweetness with date, balsamic, and slight garlic undertones. The consistency is soft and chewy.

At Black Garlic North America, we believe in treating our environment, bodies & conscience ethically, which is why we feel providing our customers with organic options is important.

Our organic black garlic contains high levels of S-allyl-cysteine. We proudly ferment and age our organic black garlic in Wisconsin.

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One of Dan’s all-time favorite foods to cook with. Minced and folded into rice just before serving it’s heavenly. A chef’s darling for how versatile it can be. After the first bite you’ll starting coming up with your own ways to incorporate it into your cooking.


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