Organic Peeled Black Garlic, 5 oz Jar



Organic, Natural, Vegan, Preservative-free, Kosher Certified.

Enjoy Organic-Certified peeled black garlic cloves directly out of the jar for a quick snack, or add them to your recipes for an explosion of flavor!

Our Organic Peeled Black Garlic features our legendary flavor profile, North-American sourced organic garlic, and no GMO’s. At Black Garlic North America, we believe in treating our environment, bodies & conscience ethically, which is why providing our customers with organic options is so important to us. Our black garlic contains high amounts of S-Allyl-Cysteine.

Packed in a screw-top container for ultimate freshness and ease-of-use. Refrigerate after opening for best results.

Eat Organic Peeled Black Garlic like dry fruit, or try in soups, salads, hummus, ice cream, eggs, sauces, Greek yogurt, vinaigrette and more for an explosion of flavor! Black garlic is ready to use and can be added to recipes without further cooking.

Black garlic is ordinary garlic that has gone through a high heat, long duration, fermentation process. After the fermentation, the garlic is aged for a long period, which allows the sweet flavor to become richer. The garlic is fermented as a whole bulb, and when it emerges from the fermentation process it has changed color, texture, taste, and has completely different uses when compared to regular garlic.

The flavor of black garlic is very complex and hard to describe. We would describe the flavor as sweet, savory, and umami (meaty savory note), with subtle licorice, molasses, date and garlic notes. The mix of the chewy texture and flavor makes the product irresistible.

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We first started using black garlic in whole clove form, but this product makes the whole experience much less of a finicky process. When you have all the time in the world, it can be meditative to work with the whole bulbs, but when you’re in a hurry, these peeled pieces are a dream come true.


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