Ortiz Family Reserve Bonito del Norte in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Glass Jar


Aged one year before release (our jars are currently from 2016, the tins are from 2020). We brought these in after a conversation with our Ortiz representative–the conversation started with their telling me which were the “best-selling” items. I said, “I’m less interested in what sells the best and am more interested in which products are actually the best.” Without hesitating they told me, “I have no idea why these aren’t the #1 sellers, they’re a superlative product.”

The cut of tuna that is packed in the jars is different than the cut in tins. The jars are able to accommodate longer loin pieces, the tins are larger diameter but cut into cross-sections.

180g jar

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Ingredients: white tuna (albacore (Thunnus alalunga)), extra virgin olive oil and salt

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112g tin, 270g jar


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