Ortiz Salt-Packed Whole Anchovies


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  1. If you don’t mind (or in our case, enjoy) a little extra hand-work if it means ending up with a superlative product, this is the anchovy for you. Whole anchovies  packed in salt. You may have seen the 2lb and larger tins of salt-packed anchovies from Agostino Recca or Scalia. These are very much the same product, only in a  more reasonable pack size.

The package includes detailed instructions for how to clean and store these. The short version is: you soak and rinse the salt away from the fish, pull the fillets from the skeletons, and then completely cover the fillets with olive oil until use. We put the quality of the finished product up against the best oil-packed anchovies in the world.

120g tray

Pictured in caesar dressing, puttanesca sauce, and gildas.

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Ingredients: Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus), water, salt.


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