Paco Lafuente Garfish (Needlefish) in Olive Oil 5/6


We’re big fans of garfish, here, and will often choose them over sardines when it’s time to put out some tins. We find the flavor cleaner and the texture more reliable than sardines. But what do we know? Better if you trust your own research.

115g tin

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Ingredients: Needlefish, olive oil and salt.


  1. fibersides (verified owner)

    Garfish. Needlefish. These are the skinny girls who made fun of their fat sardine friends. They’re lean, mean, and full of flavor. This tin was excellent. I tried a few on some crackers, some lettuce wrap, and a few right from the fork.

    They were fantastic tasting, and reminded me of some of the cooked French sardines. Very dense, mild but present fish flavor… With these you can’t go wrong, so … Go getcha some!!

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Impressive tin of garfish. I loved the firmness, texture, and flake that it presented without any dryness – and that’s a tricky line to walk. Moisture was probably as good as I’ve had in a garfish tin, and while it’s simply in olive oil, there was enough depth of flavor that I really didn’t feel like I needed to add any salt or additional seasoning to each bite. The density and texture would absolutely be amazing in a spiced version and hopefully they decide to make that some day.

    This was every bit as good or better than other garfish I’ve tried (Conservas de Cambados, Ati Manel). Although I might ever-so-slightly lean to the Ati Manel spiced version as my overall favorite garfish, that’s more of a comment on the spiced flavor than anything else … all in all, this was an *excellent* first tin to try from the Paco Lafuente brand and I can’t wait to try their sardines and mussels next. Recommended.

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