Palirria Greek Island Chickpeas (with onion, carrot, and lemon sauce)


We sometimes make chickpea salad just like tuna salad, but with chickpeas instead of tuna. And then we tried stretching some chickpea salad leftovers with a can of tuna and whoa mama, that was good. This is great just as an accompaniment to hundreds of other tinned fish, and a great pantry staple, but do yourself a favor and mix a can of quality oil packed tuna with a can of this and mash it together with a blorp of mayonnaise for the world’s most convenient tuna and chickpea salad. They are quite saucy in their aquafaba.

10 oz tin.

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Ingredients: Chickpeas (cooked) 56,5%, lemon sauce 40% (onions 15%, soya oil, water, olive oil, corn starch, salt, sugar, garlic, vegetable borth (contains celery), parsley, concentrated lemon juice, black pepper, thyme, cumin, , acid: citric acid), carrots 3.5%.


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