Patagonia Provisions Savory Sofrito Mussels


Seasoned with aromatic vegetables and packed in organic olive oil and mussel broth, our Savory Sofrito Mussels offer a taste of coastal Spain. They’re also an excellent source of protein, vitamin B-12 and iron, and meet strict EU Organic standards. Fully cooked and shelf stable until opened.

120g tin

Pictured on baked homemade french fries.


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Ingredients: EU Organic Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis), Organic Mussel Broth, Organic Red Bell Peppers, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Onion, Organic Sherry Wine, Organic Spinach, Organic Spices

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —

Our EU organic mussels are a good source of protein and iron, and they’re packed with essential vitamin B-12 — well over 100% Daily Value per serving.

They also contain over 450mg Omega-3 fatty acids per serving.

Patagonia Provisions Guarantee (which we fully endorse and support):

We understand that fixing the broken food chain means sourcing ingredients that are grown, raised and harvested using methods that are friendly to our home planet.

But it doesn’t work if the foods we create aren’t mouth-wateringly, plate-lickingly delicious. That’s why we work with our favorite chefs to create foods that we love to eat and share.

If you ever order Provisions and aren’t 100% satisfied, we will happily refund you in full. In other words, we’re proud to stand by the flavor, nutrition, sourcing and quality of everything we make.

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  1. Tommy Phannareth (verified owner)

    A decent tin of mussels for the price, the sofrito flavor doesn’t really add to the experience of the mussels themselves.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Brilliant tin. Patagonia mussel quality is top notch and this is no exception. The tin is jam-packed with texturally perfect mussels and a *ton* of peppers and onions. I am super content to eat these at room temp out of the can, adding just a few flakes of Maldon salt. The sofrito & broth are mild, letting the mussels shine though while still being worthy of eating on their own. Another added Patagonia benefit is that the broth makes these feel a lot lighter, healthier than mussels in oil only.

    For me personally, the lemon Patagonia tin still reigns supreme in the world of mussels but these are pretty close. I like them just as much as the delicious regular Patagonia mussels (4.5 stars) and these will especially appeal to people who enjoy lots of visible add-ins to add to each bite. Absolutely a great tin that I’ll get occasionally when I burn out on the lemon version … buy, buy, buy.

  3. kstarling224 (verified owner)

    These were gorgeous. My first tin ever of mussels! The richness of the broth paired with the large amount of small pepper and onion pieces pushed an otherwise delicious tin of mussels over the top. The mussels themselves were soft, texturally perfect, had a subtle flavor, and weren’t overpowered by the sofrito mixture. I had these on a board with crostini, pesto butter, red onion, lemon and espinaler sauce. The hot sauce realllly brightened up the rich mussels & broth. Would absolutely buy again.

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