Pollastrini di Anzio Sardines in Olive Oil 4/6


This is a deceptive tin of fish. Upon opening they smell delicious, but they look a bit rough. But they taste exactly like what you were hoping for. These are midnight snack champions.

100g (3.5 oz) tin

Pictured pan fried with panko and mayo.

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Ingredients: sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, and salt


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Spectacular! Difficult to imagine that there is a better unspiced & unsmoked sardine than this. A perfect marriage of high quality fish, medium-firm texture, above average moisture and flake, ideal salt levels. Very reminiscent of Mabuti spiced sardines without the spice, if you’ve had those before.

    Eat this directly from the tin at room temp and you’ll smile. There’s nothing that I could add to this to make it better than what it already is, no salt, no hot sauce, it needs nothing. And the RTG description is spot on, they do truly look a little rough when you open it up but that doesn’t matter at all when they taste like this. Instant favorite.

  2. Kristine (verified owner)

    I’ve learned from eating the Pollastrini in olive oil that one can’t always judge a sardine by it’s cover. What I saw after opening the tin were some loosely packed sardines coated in golden hued olive oil. Best way for me to describe the fish was that they looked ‘rustic’… with the silver skin flaked off so that bits of sardine meat was exposed. Based on what I saw, I had some concerns about trying these straight out of the tin… but that all changed after taking the first bite. The sardines were seasoned perfectly with just the right amount of salt. I agree w/ the other reviewer that these can be eaten as is without any accompaniment. This will be something I plan to stock up on.

  3. Greg L (verified owner)

    When I first tried this tin, I was in a hurry. I had a busy day and thought, “Ok, I’ll try one of these plain jane tins and get back to work”. I opened it up and was unimpressed. I took a bite, expecting it to simply be another sardine. I stopped in my tracks and took the time to savor the rest of the tin. This tin wants for nothing. It was as transformative for me as my first Olasagasti Anchovy tin. Medium firm, moist, perfect seasoning, great mouthfeel. I’ve been searching for an unsmoked, plain sardine that was seasoned as well as Olasagasti Anchovies, but with quality sardines. The buck stops here. This is it. This is the tin you’ve been waiting for. Buy it and enjoy every last bite.

  4. straw.new.0g (verified owner)

    I was not expecting this can to be so good. The oil and fish really harmonized in the can. Oil was high quality and slightly creamy. Fish was perfectly salted and left a pleasant aftertaste. Great tin at $7.00, that could go up against 11-13 dollar tins and win. Will be ordering again. 10/10. Very very good.

  5. emosberger (verified owner)

    Had this tin about a half-year ago and i remember not being really impressed with it. Now that I have more sardine experience under my belt I decided to give these guys a second try to be if there was something I overlooked the first time. Cracking open the tin I was presented with four slender pichards loosely packed in creamy looking olive oil. These aren’t your Portuguese chonkers here so I knew this was going to be sometime different. The flesh was firm and the seasoning was exquisite, perhaps a tad heavy on the salt.
    I can now see why this is a highly regarded tin and this will be one that I’ll reach for whenever I want something other than the standard fat pichard offerings.

  6. marshallprather (verified owner)

    Pollastrini Sardines are always quality. These appear a little rougher when initially opening the tin but the gently firm texture and flavor compensate. The oil is delicious and this tin stands well on its own, I dipped sardine topped bread into the oil as a quick snack. Would never turn these down.

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