Porto-Muiños Piquillo Peppers with Sweet Kombu


Piquillo peppers are one of the “must have” sides to go along with a spread of conservas, and these take the typical and make it into something unique with the addition of sweet kombu seaweed. Turns out, everyone else has been doing it wrong. This is the right way to do it.

80g (2.8 oz) tin

Pictured on top of Albert Menes boneless sardines.

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Ingredients: piquillo peppers (52%), extra virgin olive oil (16%), sunflower oil, garlic (8%), sweet kombu  (Saccharina latissima) (7%) and salt.

May contain: traces of fish and crustaceans


  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    ‘dines straight from the tin – you’re on it! ‘dines on crackers, maybe toast – got it! ‘dines over rice with a splash of Espinaler sauce – yes!

    Ready to step up your ‘dine recipe game but barely have the energy to crack open an extra tin – look no further. These peppers are mild yet complex, a bit sweet and a bit earthy, rounded out with umami from the kombu. Treat yourself or treat your guests by elevating your next few tins with just a little bit of effort by cracking open this tin.

  2. TinnedFishStoner (verified owner)

    These were very soft and sweet, with my other experience of piquillo peppers being more spicy, I was surprised by it being sweet. It has a slight kick to it but not a spicy kick, more like a flavor kick. I definitely think these are best paired with some deens and toast, but there are a lot of peppers in here so it’s best to crack open this tin when you have other people to share it with.

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