Ramón Peña Sardines in Sauce (Sardinas Guisadas) “Xoubas”, Silver Line


Sardines in Galicia are known as “sardinas”, “parrochas”, and “xoubas”, depending on the size. Xoubas, or xoubiñas are the smallest ones.

“Guisadas” means cooked, and implies cooked with a blend of homemade tomato sauce, green or red peppers, and onion.

Sardines stewed in tomato sauce. We love all of those words. Great straight from the tin, but also a great way to turn leftover rice or pasta into something fabulous. Also pretty incredible on toasted slices of a rustic bread.

115g (4.05 oz) tin

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Ingredients: sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, tomato, onion, red pepper, wine, flour, spices and salt.


  1. Aaron Klopp (verified owner)

    These were really great. I’m a fan of the traditional sardines in olive oil, and was curious how these sardines “stewed in tomato sauce,” would be. I should of known that of course they would be delicious since it was Ramon Peña. The sauce was really good, and it was almost a small meal in a can (not regarding the quantity, but the abundance of flavor). I agree that serving this with angel hair pasta is probably all you need. If you’ve ever dared try one of those “Freshe,” tins from the store – this is the ultimate criterion collection edition of what they’re trying to do there. Really good no matter how you serve it if you like tomato sauces with your tins – recommend some crusty bread or over pasta for sure!

  2. emosberger (verified owner)

    Ramon Peña hits it out of the park again! Cracking open the tin I was presented with the aromatics of the “sauce” which actually were finely chopped onions, pepper and tomatoes. The sardines were lightly floured and very tender, in fact I had difficulty getting them out of the tin in one piece. Didn’t really matter since they were the perfect consistency to place on the crusty sourdough toast I prepared. The aromatic vegetables were a wonderful complement, it reminded me of a Ferrigno ratatouille or nicoise tin but elevated to another level. The seasoning was perfect too, not too salty and the wine was a nice touch.
    All in all, this tin is a hearty meal in and of itself…I imagine it would be fantastic served with angel hair pasta. Will definitely be adding this to the rotation.

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Whoa. Liked these a lot, so much more than the regular Ramón Peña silver line sardines. The amount of fix’ins in the tin was exceptional -think Ferrigno levels of extras- and they added quite a bit of intrigue to each bite. The fish was medium-soft, flaky, and seasoned very well. I enjoyed it straight from the tin and didn’t find myself wanting to add anything more to it whatsoever. I would *inhale* this at an unhealthy speed if it was on crusty bread. The best way I could describe this is as an elevated Ferrigno artwork tin, and that’s quite a compliment.

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