Ramón Peña Squids in Olive Oil, Gold Line


One of the best examples we’ve found of one of the simplest preparations possible. Squid, olive oil, salt. And the rest is a function of the quality of the initial ingredients and the technique of the producer. A tin that could star as the centerpiece of a seacuterie platter.

130g (4.6 oz) tin

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Ingredients: squids (Loligho gahi), olive oil and salt.


  1. Mike Turpie (verified owner)

    I neglected to count or take a picture, but I believe there were 6 squid in the tin. Slightly larger than I expected. I ate these at first with crackers and espinaler sauce, then abandoned the crackers. The squid are stuffed with other squid bodies and some tentacles. They are quite tender with none of the rubberiness that other squid preparations have. Almost too tender. Delicious taste of the sea that pairs well with the sauce. I’ll try another squid tin next time, but these are fantastic and likely to be in rotation.

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