Ramón Peña Zamburiñas Guisadas (Small Scallops in Sauce), Silver Line


Not the large scallops you may be used to, these are smaller but similar in texture and sweetness. “Guisadas” means something like “stewed” or “cooked in sauce” and our favorite way to eat these is folded into and throughout some freshly cooked rice. The sauce coats the grains and the heat from the rice perfectly warms the meats. They’re great straight from the tin, too.

115g (4 oz ) tin

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Ingredients: Small scallops (Aequipecten opercularis), olive oil, tomato, onion, red pepper, wine, salt and spices.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food


  1. ridelikeme77 (verified owner)

    Very decadent, these little morsels pack a punch! It was my first tin of Ramon Pena scallops and I have to say I will do it again. I ate every single one, by myself, straight out of the tin. They are salty, tender, and have an ocean flavor in the best way. Next time, I will add a beer!

  2. Molly (verified owner)

    DELICIOUS! This was my first experience with tinned scallops and I absolutely loved them. I wanted to enjoy this as part of a heartier dinner, so I made a quick garlic basil tomato pasta sauce and stirred in the scallops with their sauce at the end, just to heat them through, before tossing in some pasta. The flavors worked beautifully together and the quality of the scallops themselves was spectacular. They were small but substantial, tender but not too soft, and overall a delight to eat. Definitely a tin I’d be delighted to enjoy again (and I will tomorrow, when I eat the leftover pasta for lunch!)

  3. Ro (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’ve had tinned scallops and they were amazing. If you’re on the fence about trying these, please buy them!! I was a little nervous at first because I’d heard some people say they don’t like the texture of tinned scallops, but these were really soft and tender. The flavor is perfect — savory with a sweet aftertaste. They are a little fishy if you eat them by themselves, but I ended up adding these to a spicy paella-style rice and the fishiness disappears once you eat it with something else. Overall, this is a really great tin and worth the price!

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