Riga Gold Smoked Sprats in Oil 10/12, 160g


Very smoky, bigger than most sprats, tails-on and a bit bristly, these are serious sprats perfect for dark bread and ice cold vodka, pickled onions (these will even stand up to raw onions) and camaraderie.

160g tin

Pictured with roasted red pepper tapenade and saltines.

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Ingredients: Smoked sprats, refined rapeseed (canola) oil, salt.

Kosher OU


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    WOW. Wow, an easy 5 star tin at an amazing price … I’m speechless at how good these are. Instantly a favorite that will be on my shelf for as long as I can get them.

    The smoke on these absolutely blew me away, the balance of smoky flavor is a hard thing to get right in canned seafood but they NAILED it. Texture was excellent, the fish held up nicely without being too soft or firm. High quality oil with great flavor and it doesn’t need a single thing added, perfect on its own. It’s even a bigger tin than most others so you certainly won’t be disappointed in quantity either.

    Buy, buy, BUY. If you like smoked fish, this an absolute hidden gem.

  2. Tanner Williams (verified owner)

    These fish would make an excellent first can for someone who is hesitant to try fish. The smokiness really comes through on these, more so than any other can I’ve had. They also have a distinct saltiness that I really enjoy. The amount of fish that you get is a steal at the price. The fish themselves are tender without falling apart.
    All in all, a quality can of fish, especially at this price.

  3. Greg L (verified owner)

    Given that I never say “No” to smoked fish, I had to try these. These fish are an easy 5 star, must buy if you like smoked fish. Not only is the smoke flavor great, it doesn’t overpower the actual taste of the fish themselves. The portion size is good, especially at this price. The fish skin was nice, shiny, and intact. I would say these were a bit soft. They tended to split in half as I scooped them out of the oil. They are seasoned well (I ate them straight out of the tin) and the oil seems high quality. The oil would probably go great in a dish or dressing, but you could easily enjoy it by dipping a bit of crusty bread. I would have given these 4/5 if it wasn’t for the description “tails-on and a bit bristly”. The tail and insides had some mild-but-distinctive crunchiness to them that might be off-putting to some folks that don’t regularly eat tinned fish.

    Overall, super enjoyable to eat. They really scratch that “smoked fish” itch with a great depth of flavor.

  4. haziago (verified owner)

    For the price these are an amazing tin to start with and then always keep stocked. They have the same quality, quantity, and flavor of tins twice as expensive. While they are smoked, the smoke flavor is light so they are enjoyable even when not in the mood for the smokiness. The saltiness is the same level as the smoke, light.

    These are beautifully packaged but delicate and the tails slightly firm so keep that in mind if trying to keep them whole when serving. I ended up trimming the tails on the rest after having a few but that is just my preference. Definitely recommend.

  5. Max D (verified owner)

    As advertised, they are very smoky. For me, it was too much– the fish are good but I felt the smoke flavor overpowered everything else. If you love smoke this may be a fit, though. I could also see using these as part of a dish (fried rice?) where it would get a bit more diluted.

  6. Matt (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic value tin, so many lovely smoked little sprats crammed into one tin! Flavor wise these were delicious, nice and smokey. Ate them with crusty sourdough, a dill crème fraiche and some pickled red onions. A friend and I split the tin and were quite full when we were done. I do think I favor the Fangst sprats over these, however at $3.50 a tin these are hard to beat.

  7. joshua.c.croteau (verified owner)

    Five stars. Will most likely always add these to any order. My wife loves fish but was not into the idea of eating tinned fish until she had these. I would recommend these to anyone even remotely interested in trying out tinned fish.

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