RTG Beer and Wine Pairing Brochure


This project all began a couple of years ago when someone asked a question on the r/CannedSardines subreddit about pairing beer and tinned fish. We didn’t know the answer, but we knew the person who did, which is not just the next best thing, it’s one of the great perks of a life well lived. So I reached out to Evan Benn and asked if he’d be willing to write an answer to the question, which we would then share with the group. He did, and we loved it so much we didn’t want it lost to the composting action of all things social media. We worked off and on for many months to find the right way to present it. And during that time we became acquainted with Mitchell and his work with at haley.henry. It seemed to us a great pairing.

We hope their thoughts on pairing beverages with tinned fish serve as springboards for your own explorations. We invite you to agree, to disagree, and to engage in conversations regarding the nuances of every point along the range.

32 page full color booklet, 4.25″ x 11″, which means getting into most smaller boxes will involve bending it a bit.

Mitchell Walker Simon is a sommelier currently slinging wine at Haley.Henry wine bar in downtown Boston. Having spent his formative years in Montréal, QC, he has deep affection for the European way of life and has a je ne sais quoi countenance. MWS is passionate about literature, perfume, and history. His birthday is February 25 (*Pisces/°Cancer/^Virgo) and can be found @mwsimon on Instagram.

Evan Benn is Senior Director of Special Projects and Communications at The Philadelphia Inquirer and former Food Editor of the Miami Herald and Editor in Chief of INDULGE magazine. His freelance writing on food, beer, and travel has appeared in The New York Times, Esquire, Bon Appetit, Travel & Leisure, and other major publications. He is author of “Brew in the Lou: St. Louis’ Beer Culture — Past, Present and Future” and is a co-author of “This Is Your Song Too: Phish and Contemporary Jewish Identity,” coming in Fall 2023 from PSU Press.

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