Rügen Fisch Herring Fillets in Hot Tomato Sauce


Because the only thing better than tomato sauce is hot tomato sauce. The Rügen Fisch tinned herring fillets in hot tomato Sauce Great is a handy snack, but add it to a bowl of hot rice and you’ve really got yourself a meal.

200g (7.05 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Herring Fillets (Clupea harengus), water, tomato paste, canola oil, sugar, vinegar, salt, guar gum, food starch-modified, maltodextrine, dextrose, spices, spice extracts, soybean oil, natural flavors.


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Another Rügenwinner. So much value in these giant herring tins, how can they do this at this price?! The herring was excellent and exactly the texture/moisture/everything that I have come to expect from this company. It’s so satisfying and there’s so much fish. Rügen herring quality is so crazy consistent across all of the tins that I’ve tried and that’s not to take for granted.

    It calls itself “hot tomato” … is it hot? Noooo, no. Heat level is a 1.1 out of 5. But what you get is a wonderfully seasoned tomato sauce, absolutely no need for additional salt or spices. It is a thinner and sweeter sauce but not over the top sweet, it’s also wonderfully *not* ketchup and *not* tomato paste. Difficult to choose a winner between this tin and the paprika tin (which I think tastes a lot like ketchup seasoning -not ketchup itself), they’re very similar flavor profiles but yet still different enough to be worthy of buying both.

    I ate it at room temp, both on its own and then on an unbuttered slice of toast. I’m sure that I’d like it on rice or pasta as well, but you’d maybe need to thicken up the sauce a little if it was over pasta. But no matter how you decide to eat it, this is a very good 4+ star tin at an unbelievable price.

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