Rügen Fisch Herring Fillets in Paprika Sauce


Dan used to travel for business to Germany (Munich and Düsseldorf) on a regular basis and the things he misses the most are the beer (of course), one spectacular herring sandwich from a street vendor, and the vast array of thoroughly delicious and surprisingly inexpensive Rügen Fisch products available at every supermarket and bodega.

Paprika in the USA is something of a forgotten flavor, with the spice largely reduced to a splash of color for garnish. Not so in the rest of the world, where paprika remains one of the most used spices of all time. Rich red color and a flavor unmatched when used properly, it’s the perfect complement to herring’s flavor profile.

200g (7.05 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Herring Fillets (Clupea harengus), water, canola oil, tomato paste, sugar, spices, vinegar, guar gum, carrageenan, salt, rice starch, maltodextrine, dextrose, soybean oil, natural flavor.

Contains: milk and wheat.


  1. jfeyes (verified owner)

    Expensive/ good…cheap/bad…. not in this instance. This herring is delicious and yes cheap!

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    What is paprika sauce, you might ask? The best I can describe it is that it doesn’t taste like ketchup but it DOES taste like ketchup seasoning, like you get on ketchup potato chips that are popular in Canada. It’s an important distinction for me, as this sauce is all the great things about that **granulated ketchup shaker seasoning** … and that was unexpected and very awesome.

    4.5 stars, rounding up because I’ve not had anything like it. Perfect balance of firm/soft herring (while not dry in any way) and wow, do you get a lot of fish in this tin. The value is insane. Going back to the sauce, perhaps the best thing about it is that it’s the ideal thickness to coat every piece even using chopsticks. Somehow, when you spin the herring around in this, it absolutely hangs onto the sauce perfectly without needing the help of a spoon. It defies the laws of science but it’s true.

    This tin is a joy, unique and delicious. It’s a rebuy and now I must pick out another variety of their herring for my next order … maybe mustard sauce is next.

  3. Greg L (verified owner)

    I imagine this tin will be polarizing for some. For me, this is solidly a middle-of-the-road herring tin. First, the sauce. A very loose tomato sauce with a pleasant, paprika-zing to it. It is sweet like ketchup, but not like the store-bought stuff. This tastes a bit like a homemade ketchup to me. If you’ve had German curry tomato sauce, it’s like that but with paprika instead of curry powder. Boy is this sauce messy. It is so loose that the fish doesn’t really hold onto anything but the thinnest layer. I did not enjoy how messy this tin was to eat. The herring was decent as well. The flavor of the paprika sauce really overpowers it, though. Having had the mustard tin by Rügen Fisch, I think that tin finds a better balance between sauce-intensity and herring flavor. The herring had a decent texture, not too dry, and was skin-on. I probably won’t buy this tin again, but I could see how someone would like it.

  4. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    Despite not having as much sugar as other tins, this paprika sauce comes across as quite sweet. I’ll echo what other reviewers have said about ketchup being a reference point here – It’s ketchupy, especially at room temp. I had good luck pouring off the sauce and reducing it briefly in a pan with sliced onion & sweet red peppers. Finished with a squeeze of lime & small spoonful of mayo stirred in. Spooned onto toasted pumpernickel with big flakes of the herring. The fish itself, as with the other RF herring tins, is silky & delicious. I don’t think I’ll buy this tin again, but made it work for a great lunch.

  5. sparrowking (verified owner)

    Like others have said, this is VERY sweet, much more so than the other tins I tried. In comparison to the other tins of herring I got from Rügen, the herring in this one was dryer and not as soft. I did not like this at all at room temperature, but mixed it together with some onion and red wine vinegar in a pan, added some jarred tomato sauce, and put it across pasta with a good mix of fresh herbs and it was a very good meal. I would not go out of my way to buy this can again, especially with the other herring options Rügen offers, but with the tweaks it did make for a nice spaghetti sauce.

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