Rügen Fisch Herring Fillets in Paprika Sauce

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Dan used to travel for business to Germany (Munich and Düsseldorf) on a regular basis and the things he misses the most are the beer (of course), one spectacular herring sandwich from a street vendor, and the vast array of thoroughly delicious and surprisingly inexpensive Rügen Fisch products available at every supermarket and bodega.

Paprika in the USA is something of a forgotten flavor, with the spice largely reduced to a splash of color for garnish. Not so in the rest of the world, where paprika remains one of the most used spices of all time. Rich red color and a flavor unmatched when used properly, it’s the perfect complement to herring’s flavor profile.

200g (7.05 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Herring Fillets (Clupea harengus), water, canola oil, tomato paste, sugar, spices, vinegar, guar gum, carrageenan, salt, rice starch, maltodextrine, dextrose, soybean oil, natural flavor.

Contains: milk and wheat.

1 review for Rügen Fisch Herring Fillets in Paprika Sauce

  1. jfeyes (verified owner)

    Expensive/ good…cheap/bad…. not in this instance. This herring is delicious and yes cheap!

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