Rügen Fisch Salmon Fillets (Skinless and Boneless) in Water


A pantry staple with hundreds of uses, from a quick salad topper to salmon salad along the lines of tuna salad, to easy pasta add-in (salmon tetrazinni, anyone?).

175g (6.17 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Salmon fillets (Salmo salar), water, salt. This product may contain traces of mustard, celery, gluten, and milk.


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    For fish in water, it’s pretty good. Would be perfect as an ingredient in a larger dish, just don’t look to this as something you’ll eat from the tin and be blown away. It’s relatively flaky, moist, not too fishy. Eating it plain at room temp? Totally fine, not unpleasant in any way, very mild with decent salt levels. Now … if you add a little bit of wasabi? A significant improvement to where eating it by itself felt like a thing that you should do. It’s a blank canvas as you should expect by it being in water, but it’s a *good* blank canvas.

    I can 100% agree with this being a pantry staple, I would be filled with guilt-free joy to add this to salad or pasta or … really anything. Buy this with those plans in mind (not eat-this-by-itself plans) and you’ll be happy.

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