Rügen Fisch Smoked Herring Fillets with Pepper, in Brine and Own Juice


Who doesn’t love pepper? It’s the perfect seasoning for tinned herring, and this savory tin is just right for adding at the last time to a pan of scrambled eggs, or just eating right from the tin with crackers or bread. No pantry should be without this ingredient.

200g (7.05 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Herring Fillets (Clupea harengus), water, pepper, paprika, salt, sugar, dextrose, beechwood smoke.


  1. Beverly Mullineaux (verified owner)

    Yum! I mixed this in with scrambled eggs and oven roasted potatoes, peppers and onions. I didn’t have to add more pepper to the eggs or potatoes. The herring seasoning was perfect for me. The herring itself was firm and tasty. I usually eat KO kipper snacks, but I will be more than happy to add this into my herring rotation.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Solid. They are what you think they are. If you’ve had Bar Harbor Wild Herring Fillets with Cracked Pepper then you know *exactly* what these taste like. I’d not be able to tell the difference between those in a blind taste test and that’s because both are equally tasty.

    Super healthy, moist and flaky, mild-to-moderate note of pepper. I lazily ate mine at room temperature from the tin and they were perfectly fine. A mildly-flavored healthy protein that’s not going to absolutely blow you away but will still leave you quite satisfied. If you use them as an ingredient in a bigger dish (even if that dish is not complicated, e.g. scrambled eggs) then I’d expect that you’ll get even more enjoyment out of this tin.

  3. Greg L (verified owner)

    The short review: buy this, you’ll love it.

    Longer version: Wow, this is just a perfect tin of fish. Opening the tin, the herring is visually beautiful. Large fillets of herring, skin-side up. Smooth, silvery, and in-tact skin. The flesh side was even a little soft (I expect firmness throughout with smoked herring). The opposite side is predictably far firmer with obvious signs of smoked flesh. They extracted easily from the tin to be placed on some toast with sliced tomatoes. I ate some straight from the tin for review purposes; both applications were just great. The tin, predictably, smells strongly of herring and smoke. The flesh is fairly firm (despite the bit of softness on the skin side). Again, it’s a smoked fish so you’re going to get that. The flavor, 5/5 stars. Perfectly moist, great mouth-feel, smoke that is strong, but not overpowering. The pepper is pretty light, but still noticeable. As is the case with most RügenFisch tins, I sit here asking myself how can it be THIS good and also be THIS cheap? Anyway, go buy this now and listen to the description, “no pantry should be without this ingredient”.

  4. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    The first thing that struck me about this tin is just how much fish is packed in there! It’s a large can at a low price – very economical! As for the fish itself, it’s definitely a firmer-fleshed fish (due to being smoked), and has a relatively strong smoky/peppery flavor as you’d expect. However, for me, this wasn’t “great eating” straight out of the can. The skin of the fish had a bit of a funky, slimy film going on, which put me off honestly & I’m not a person who’s typically averse to funk. Good flavor though. I feel like this is a tin to get with the intention of including it in a recipe, or to otherwise transform somehow.

  5. Lunchtime Toothbrush (verified owner)

    This tin is a great starting point to an easy, interesting meal. As other reviews have pointed out, between firmness, being packed in water (albiet flavorful water), and a salty, smoky punch serving the generous filets straight out of the can might not be for everyone.

    Definitely worth trying as is to see what you’re working with or to enjoy with cold beer, but we were hard pressed not to eat the remnants with cream cheese and chili crisp on matzah. I’m planning on using my next can folded into a japanese-style croquette, but with this style of smoked herring the options are endless. If you’re putting together a platter it’s worth having this on hand to lend itself to an assertive and cost effective dip.

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