Sardinha Sardines in Olive Oil with Curry


Great straight from the tin, but really shines when served with rice.

120g (4.2 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus): min 70%, Olive Oil: 29%, Curry: 0.3%, Salt.


  1. Katherine Bennett (verified owner)

    Delcious, firm sardines with a hint of curry. Sardine meat quality and size similar to Nuri. One drawback, quite a few scales.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Absolutely, absolutely unique. The curry flavor is quite noticeable in each bite … more than a hint, yet not overpowering at all. The outside of each sardine was much different than the inside, almost like it was shellacked but in such a way that it really made for an interesting textural contrast. It’s possible that the outside texture was due to scales (as mentioned by a previous reviewer), but I was too focused on the flavor & experience to investigate further. The variance in texture was unlike any other sardines I’ve had and I appreciated the difference. Moisture was solid overall and didn’t leave me wanting, overall quality was quite high.

    I’m so happy that the curry flavor came through like it did, this is a very successful tin overall. I’ll be happy to get it again occasionally for a change of pace. If you love curry and/or love to eat flavored sardines as part of a larger meal (e.g. with rice, lentils, etc), then you should grab this unique tin immediately.

  3. Sarah Voorhees (verified owner)

    What a unique and delightful tin! 4 firm and intact fish inside swimming in a golden yellow oil. Removing the fish from the tin you see “clumps” of curry you can scoop onto your fish.

    The curry flavor is prominent but not overpowering and complemented the sardine nicely. Fish was firm but moist and not overly fishy.

    This is a fun and flavorful tin that I look forward to ordering again.

  4. samchakmakian (verified owner)

    A very interesting tin! If you love curry you’ll love it. Sardines and curry is definitely a unique combination that I’ve not had before, but one that I found really tasty. I had this one straight from the tin with some lightly toasted Syrian pita bread and raw red onions, and it definitely hit the spot for breakfast.
    This was part of a surprise me package that Dan made for me, and I’m glad it was, because I don’t think I would have bought it given the flavor and price. Not sure if I’ll order again, but I’m happy I got to experience it.

  5. luke (verified owner)

    Very nice subtle curry flavor that is not at all overpowering. It actually comes across more in the nose than the taste itself. With the aroma of curry nicely backing up some beautiful large fish. I was curious about these but was surprised at how much I really love them

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