Seed To Surf Plant-Based Seafood Celery Root “Whitefish”


What we love about these plant-based products is that they aren’t trying to recreate the seafoods they’re named for, they’re more inspired by them. The goal here isn’t (and your expectation shouldn’t be) to replicate the seafood, this isn’t the Impossible Burger of tinned fish, the goal is to bring to you plant-based options that will play nice with all of the existing recipes, serving styles, and accoutrements of the tinned fish experience.

This “whitefish” is made with celery root, and has a very surprising texture, which will vary from piece to chunk. The biggest pieces seemed closest to original, and smaller pieces or pieces with large surface area, called to mind the big flakes of whitefish, and other bites were texturally about as close to “fatty” as  a plant can get. Smoke is not listed as an ingredient, but we found this tin to have a definite smokiness to it. We recommend eating these straight from the tin, but they’d also work as the “meat” in a fish taco.

95g tin

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Ingredients: Celeriac, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Seaweed (Konbu/Kelp), Natural Flavors, Lactic Acid.


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