Sel Gris


Harvested from clay-lined pools from the famed Guérande region of France, this salt’s powerful flavor and natural moisture complement braised meats, winter stews, or simple buttered rolls.

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Sel Gris, “Gray salt” in French, is one of our most-reached-for salts here. Sel gris comes from the same solar evaporation salt pans as fleur de sel but is harvested differently; it is allowed to come into contact with the bottom of the salt pan before being raked, hence its gray color. Sel gris is coarser than fleur de sel but is also a moist salt, and retains more of the mineral notes your nose picks up when you approach the sea. We love it on chowders, on a great piece of bread to finish a shmear of cultured butter, and on salads already bitey with Red Giant Mustard.


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