Sempio Kimchi, Stir-Fried


You know what goes great with tinned fish? Kimchi. Don’t have an H-Mart near you? Interested in maybe taking some kimchi on your picnic? Do you just want the safety and confidence to go about your day knowing that, no matter how the day goes, at least there’s kimchi in the cupboard? We got you covered.

Vegan and gluten free.

Also available in an Original version.

160g (5.64 oz) can, easypull tab

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Ingredients: napa cabbage, water, onion, rice bran oil, sugar, red pepper powder, salt, garlic, soybean seasoning sauce (contains: soybeans, salt, onion, radish), leek, ginger.


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    It’s … just … fantastic. Spicy, crunchy, complex. Doesn’t taste fried or oily. It’s difficult for me to compare it to the ‘original’ version since it’s been a while since I had the other one, but my memory tells me that the two of them are similarly great.

    I’ve tried several less expensive shelf-stable kimchi products but none of them compare. Jongga kimchi in a pouch? Not spicy at all and nowhere remotely near Sempio’s flavor. Jayone kimchi in a can? It’s decent in a pinch but again, pales in comparison when it comes to taste. If these Sempio kimchi cans were a few dollars cheaper, I’d get *several* cans on every order – it’s that good. At this price, it’s more of a splurge item that I’ll get occasionally. Eat this with some smoky Latvian sprats (Riga Gold!) and you’ll be loving life.

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